Meet Joi

Joi McCreary, MA, MFT, CHW
CMFT Resident Therapist | Health & Sex Educator | Capacity Builder
Joi McCreary, MA, MFT, CHW
CMFT Resident Therapist
Health & Sex Educator
Capacity Builder

Hi there! I am honored you chose to visit this space!

I am Joi McCreary, a multi-passionate, pre-licensed Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy (CMFT) Resident Therapist specializing in talk and sex therapy for adult individuals, couples, families, and groups. I am also the Founder and CEO of JoiOlogy 5155, an organization focused on heath, wellness, and sex education, mental health, capacity building, training, and development. With conscious intent we move to offer a safe, nourishing, educating, and healing space, not exclusively, but with a focus toward care and ministry leaders, community trailblazers, entrepreneurs, mental and medical healthcare providers and those within the BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ community.

I am a native to and currently reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. My background is well-versed, with years of experience within entrepreneurship, leadership, management, academia, clinical care, and ministry. Holding key roles such as a Project Manager, Associate Clinic Director, Behavior Consultant, Author, Publisher, Yoga Instructor, and self-employed Licensed Cosmetologist. I know… I know… what an array of experiences, huh? Well, these amazing accomplishments and opportunities, along with the best trainer, I call life, has developed my dynamic position to be successful and help others develop healthy personal and professional practices that serve them well! Capacity building, creating opportunities, and holding space for growth in healing, is the reason I do what I do. 

Outside of my work…I am a fun-loving free spirit that loves my family, friends, fun, food, travel, and my naps! I have two magnificent adult humans who I birthed with my wonderful husband of over 20 years. My family support circle is beyond phenomenal, and I am blessed to experience such love. They have been the catalyst to being able to have a functional work life balance and play a huge part into the woman you see before you today. Being a part of a village that ebbs and flows with you in abundance of love through life’s challenges, heavy hits, successes, and joys; enables me to have capacity to pour that type of love back into them, the universe, my clients, colleagues, and community.

Well, enough about me…I’d love to hear more about you and how we may be able to work together. Discover JoiOlogy 5155 or Let’s Connect to see what possibilities there are.