Meet Joi

Joi McCreary, MA, MFT, RYT
CMFT Resident Therapist
Educator & Creator | Consultant

Hi there!

I am Joi McCreary, a pre-licensed Couple, Marriage and Family Therapy (CMFT) Resident Therapist who specializes in talk, behavior, and sex therapy for adult individuals, couples, families, and groups. My therapeutic practice approach is holistic, relational, intentional, compassionate, integrative, and collaborative. I embrace the journey with you, embody your uniqueness; helping you develop space, skills, rituals, and relationships that bring you joy. 

I walk alongside you, with the intention of an impactful healing experience to which your joy ignites brighter than your fears!

As an Educator and Creator, I develop and facilitate e-courses and interactive lectures around mental health, holistic wellness, gender, intimacy, sex, sexuality, intersectionality, culturally sensitive practices and care.

Through Coaching and Consulting, I develop resources and tools to help other professionals and organizations to assess, evaluate, clarify, and strategize their objectives and goals to implement transformational change and break systemic barriers within company culture, morale with diverse teams. These resources are offered through JoiOlogy 5155.

I am passionate about helping individuals develop healthy personal and professional practices and boundaries that serve them and communities well.

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate seeking a degree in Health Science. I hold a master’s level Marriage and Family Therapy degree with additional credentials of, Certified Life Coach, Author, and Registered Certified Yoga Instructor, who is certified in yoga spirituality and wellness. With over a decade of experience in the industries of publishing, empowerment, intimacy, sexuality and additional educational background in business, health and human services, psychology, and leadership. If you are interested in booking me to be a guest lecturer, teach a course, facilitate a workshop, seminar or participate in any other speaking engagement, let’s connect to discuss!

I invite you to a sacred space of hope, acceptance, respect and restorative healing, where you are seen. I welcome you, let’s begin the work…

All these resources are offered through JoiOlogy 5155, where I am the Founder and Owner, Discover JoiOlogy 5155 here