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“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.”

Alice Walker

  • Want to learn more about yourself and make desired changes?
  • Is there a major life change or shift causing you stress?
  • Value your mental health?
  • Need support in areas of your sex life?
  • Having communications issues, difficulty expressing feelings, affection or thoughts?
  • Feel misunderstood, unseen, or invalidated?

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Are you mental health or healthcare provider, consulting professional, and/or human services worker who wants to expand your knowledge and ability to provide gender, intimacy, sex, and sexuality informed care, culturally sensitive practices and care, along with understand the importance of understanding intersectionality? Are you an executive, a person in leadership, or business professional looking for resources and tools to implement strategies for transformational change within company culture and to improve the company morale.
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