Welcome to the space!

I am Joi McCreary, Founder and Owner of JoiOlogy 5155 Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting, JoiOlogy 5155 Wellness House, and JoiOlogy 5155 Training and Development Center. I am a multi-passionate, pre-licensed Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy (CMFT) Resident Therapist specializing in talk and sex therapy for adult individuals, couples, families, and groups. JoiOlogy 5155 focuses on mental health, holistic and sexual wellness, and the training and development of other professionals with implementing holistic transformational change.

Transformation occurs when you choose to be intentional and commit to change, even when the journey is unclear or unknown. Approaching change through JoiOlogy 5155, unearths unbound pathways to healing, growth, and a greater level of awareness and insight.

Within the therapy process, my goal is to create an open-minded, safe, and non- judgmental space, that compassionately addresses your concerns. I help adult individuals, couples, and groups who are seeking to redefine adverse perceptions, improve poor boundaries, behavior, coping skills and practices, discover optimal functioning levels, explore the ways one experiences connection, identity, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships that bring them joy.

Our wellness house focuses on a safe, nourishing, and healing space for caregivers, ministry leaders, mental and medical healthcare providers in the QTIBIPOC/LGBTQIA+ community. Our wellness house is a place to come and seek holistic care in a safe respectful non-judgmental space. Honoring the whole person mind, body and spirit providing integrated access to holistic practices. Our wellness house has a Sensual Botanica and Boutique compiled with our handmade small batch crafted signature herbal blends and wellness products, as well as, carefully selected holistic curated goods. Our carried products are herbal blend soaks, herbal steams, herbal smoke blends, smoke cleansing, incense, healing crystals and sensual adult novelties. 

The training and development center offers non-degree professional education courses, designed for qualified medical and mental health professionals, ministry leaders, and care providers; who seek professional development to enhance knowledge and professional practice. Our non-degree professional education courses include the following focus areas but are not limited to mental health, gender, intimacy, sexuality, culturally sensitive practices and intersectionality, holistic wellness and more…