Discover JoiOlogy

JoiOlogy (joy-ology): feeling of pleasure, delight, sensual delight, source of inward joy, gladness or happiness, from branches of knowledge and  experience focused on the connection of care of one’s whole self; mind, body, spirit and community.

Our Mission

To create safe and non-judgmental spaces, for our BIPOC and LGBTQI+ communities, which hold space for holistic health, mental wellness, healing and joy,.

Our Vision

To break communal and systemic barriers by creating opportunity for healing, education, and advocacy which supports holistic heath, mental wellness, normalizing humanity and conscious healing.

Our Values

We BELIEVE beneficial health is holistic, acknowledging physical, spiritual, emotional, mental joy and wellness.

We RESPECT and see the distinctions, strengths, and vulnerabilities in ourselves, others, and our community.

We HONOR a sacred space with an atmosphere of kind honesty, empowerment, joy, and confidentiality for all.

We COMMIT to creating access, developing opportunities and connections which educate, advocate, and support equity, inclusion and belonging.